How to Roast and Freeze Hatch Chiles

It is Hatch Chile Time!!! The best green chiles in the world, yes I said it the WORLD, come from New Mexico! And it is Harvest Time!!! Once a year, once a blessed time of year these wonderful little green peppers are available and I am like a kid in the candy store!  The time we spent in New Mexico was filled with some of the best cullinary delights I have ever tasted!  These chiles were the main compent of every dish that I fell in love with.  I loved Albuquerque so much and wish we had been tansfered there permanetly.  As it was the few months we spent there in 2003 and 2009 were great and we have wonderful memories.  So as you can imagine when I was in the grocery store on Saturday and I saw Fresh Hatch Chiles I went a little LOCO! I did not think that I would have ever found them way out here in Kansas City, MO!  I purchased some then I went back and got some more!
Here is an easy way to prepare them to freeze so you can enjoy them year round!

Heat a pan on the stove over high, NO OIL added! Place the chiles on the hot pan and let sit till they pop and the skin blisters.
As they cook they will pop and curl up a bit.  Just press them back down.  You will want to flip them over a few times to ensure even cooking. Once the skin is black and they are tender and starting to split a bit it is time to pull them off. 
Once you take them off the stove place them in a large ziploc baggie and seal.  The steam they create will help cook them further.  Let cool completely in the bags.
Once cool, take them out and peel the skin off.  (a little tip:  if you  did not cook them enough the skin won't peel easily.  So in the baggie pop them in the microwave for 1 min.)  The skin should just slough right off.  I take the seeds out before I freeze them. You can leave them in , but I think it is easier to do this step now rather than after you thaw them out.  I wrap each chile in cling film individually then place them in a freezer safe bag.  This way I can thaw one out at a time if I need to.  These chiles have so much flavor and they really add a wonderful kick to any southwestern dish!


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