Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Not all desserts need to take all day to make, nor do the need to be fussy souffle's, (although I  do love a good fussy souffle).  Sometimes you just want a fun and fast desert! A trip to the local ice cream shop will not only cost you in the $5 a cone ridiculous price, but time and gas.  So why not bring the ice cream shop home to your family?  Considering the day that I made these is was 112 outside, so hot I could barely move!  Everyone Cheered! Everyone Cheers for Ice Cream!

1 tub microwavable dipping chocolate
6-12 sugar ice cream cones
a variety of colored sprinkles, chocolate jimmies, crushed nuts.  Really any flavors that your family likes.
1/2 gallon ice cream, on this occasion I used no sugar added banana split flavored ice cream.

Place different toppers in separate bowls.  Microwave chocolate according to package directions. Take a cone and dip in the melted chocolate and let excess drip off.  Quickly roll dipped cones in a single flavor or mix flavors for variety. ( If you do you will be bolder than this traditional preppy girl)
If you have a rack to place cones in that would be best.  If not you may have to enlist family members, a dangerous proposition in my family.  Let chocolate cool and hardened it only takes a couple of minutes or so.  Scoop out one, two, hey go for three scoops! It is Summer after all! Enjoy!


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