Brazillian Flank Steak

There comes a point when my blood thirsty carnivore boys say they want red meat or there will be mutiny! So I capitulate and give in to the demands.  I do so with a very lean cut of meat and cook it quick and hot on the grill for great flavor and fast and healthy Chimichuri sauce top it off.

2 lean cuts of Flank steak

3 whole garlic cloves

1 bunch of fresh parsley

1/3 cup olive oil

salt and pepper and onion and garlic powder

Season the meat with salt and pepper and both garlic and onion powders.

In a food processor put in parsley, garlic cloves and salt and pepper to taste. (Aprox 1 tsp of each) Pulse while drizzling in  olive oil.

Pulse until all ingredients are combined and make a paste like consistency.

Grill steak, on grill or use a grill pan, on medium high heat for 4 minutes each side. This will bring the meat to medium rare. All meat should be cook to medium rare for the best flavor.  If you cook the steak any longer it will lose all it's flavor.  Let the meat rest 5 minutes and then cut on the diagonal.

Plate on a serving platter and spread the chimichuri sauce on top.  This is a great fresh approach to grilling out. Quick, tasty and lighter than a heavy steak.


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