Shakespeare in the Park

This was the 19th anniversary for the Shakespeare Festival in Kansas City, MO.  As we just recently moved here we were not quite sure what to expect.  We went completely unprepared for the World Class Production that unfolded before us.  That was not the only surprize. The culinary picnic's that were spread out around us were quite the sight to behold! I knew that we would be back and that I would be ready to picnic in style!

Not only was the second visit just as rewarding from the performance, the lovely families that were around us were just as entertaining.  Lady Macbeth may have been guilt ridden but we had a wonderful time!

My menu for the event was as follows:

Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta and fresh grapes with a Rousanne White wine from Lavender Ridge Vineyards

Blue Cheese BLT Wraps with a Mourvede Red Wine from Lavender Ridge and Strawberry Shortcake.



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